Frequently asked Questions


Q: What gauge strings do the Box Guitars take?

A: The guitars are set up to take what ever gauge you want. The SRB-640 run standard with 2 sets of 10's or 11's gauge guitar strings for simplicity reasons, you can then experiment with different gauge strings if you wish. Some players like to extend their range and run thicker strings or a set of baritone strings etc. its really up to you.

Q: how is it tuned?

A: The strings are locked into place at the nut end using floyd rose locking nuts and is tuned at the bridge end using a single tuning knob the same principle as a steinberger tuning system The necks and tuning are very stable and it is quick to change strings.

Q: Are the pickups standard magnetic pickups of are they modified for your guitars(eg sustainer pickups)?

A: The PU's are standard magnetic single coil, they are a poverful high output pickup with a great tone.

Q: What is the width of the neck at the 24th fret?

A: The width of the neck is basically twice as wide as a single neck. at the nut it is 84mm. at the 24th fret it is 116mm.

Q: What is the string spacing?

A: String spacing is 10.5mm at the bridge saddles and 7mm at the nut.

Q: How thick is the neck?

A: The neck has 2 truss rods and is 21mm thick at the 0 fret and 25mm at the 12th fret

Q: What is the weight of these guitars

A: Over all weight is 3.5kg which is lighter than a standard Strat.

Q: Does this guitar come with a case

A : These guitars comes standard with a soft case

Q: Does this guitar come with a stereo lead?

A: These guitars come with split stereo lead so you can separate the 2 sets of strings into 2 systems if desired.

Q: How much are the B series?

A: B Series are US$1995 (includes soft, stereo lead and freight)

Q: what is the lead time on the more expensive SRA-640 12 string( not the cheaper one )?

A: Re the more expensive SRA-640 and JCA's, the lead time to shape and paint would be around 1 month before delivery. Its wise to allow the paint to settle for a while.

Q: What is the difference between the SRA and SRB's plus the JCA's and JCB's? (A and B series)

A:The SRA is essentially the same shape and finish as the SRB but the neck is profiled by hand to give a more comfortable feel, the standard pickups used are Kinman (woodstock) noiseless high output single coils which are an expensive pu and sound great.

Q: How much are the A series?

A: Price for the A series is US$2995 includes soft case and freight,(plus $250 for hardcase and freight due to extra weight) please inquire for more accurate price if you are outside of US

Q: Is there a cheaper option to the SRA other than the B series?

A Cheaper option to the SRA may be to purchase an SRB and replace the pu's with top of the range pu's from your end. (high end pu's are far cheaper in the US, especially if they are US made)

Q: What are the brand of pickups used in the B series?

A: The standard PU's used in the SRB are Korean made by WSC and they sound pretty darn good.

Q: How is tuning performed?

A: Tuning is the same principle as a steinberger system, i.e. tuning is performed from the bridge but using a single tuning knob to tune all 12 strings and the tuning knob sits in a designated holding hole located in the middle of the bridge rear when not in use, (please refer to )

Q: How do I pay for these instruments?

A: We prefer direct deposit into our account but can also accept most credit cards.

Q: How do I go about transferring the money from my account to yours?

A: Please contact for more detail.

Q: I'm a bassist and wonder if its possible for you to set up a heavy gauge set of strings tuned to two sets in straight fourths?

A: Yes

Q: I saw one of your guitars with a vibrato. what does that do to the cost, or is that another model?

A: Re Trem system: the system you saw was a modified dual steinberger set up that was on the original SR-648's. they were extremely heavy and expensive and we haven't done that for a long time. I do plan to develop a simple trem system that can be adapted to these guitars but it is little ways off and I'd estimate would add about $500 to the price when we finally get it happening

Q: How much difference is there between the A and B models as far as the neck is concerned?

A: There is really only a slight difference between A and B models in the neck department. The B model still angles thinner to the top side so it is still really comfortable, with the A shape we then contour the B profile a bit further by hand to give it a bit more of a teardrop contour so the LH thumb has a bit of a concave profile to rest in

Q: Do they use the double ball end strings or are they regular strings with one end locked down ?

A: You use regular strings and lock the strings at the nut end with floydrose locking nuts.

Q: .Will I be charged an import tax on your box guitar for it to enter my country?

A: It really depends on the country, generally no but please contact for more detail.

Q: Are there any other things I should know about these guitars?

A: They sound awesome, are great fun to play and great value for money.