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$1995 Delivered

Beats at your Feet

$99 Delivered

The Ultimate Stomp Box

$199 Delivered

Lemoil, KwikFret, Beezwax & KwikShine. Supreme care for all instrument finishes

Its here: The dual Midi SRB-640

$3995 Delivered


With the fall in the $A against the Greenback we are now offering the SRB-640 at a reduced rate for a short time.

The new 12 string Midi Guitar has finally arrived: We are now offering the Box SRB-640 12 string guitar complete with 2 Roland GK-3 midi convertor systems installed. All components are housed within the guitar making this one of the most advanced and versatile guitars in the world. Stay tuned for more info and video demo's

We are now offering electronic drum modules which are a perfect match for the Kick Box or any of the Stomp Box's, allowing you to plug in multiple Stomps or Kicks with a sing mono out to easily achieve a large variety of realistic and electronic drum sounds

We are now re offering the JC series (34" scale length) The new models are now named JC-8 (8 Strings) JC-12 (12 Strings)

We are also offering the SRB-640 as 6 or 7 Strings. These new models are now named SRB-6 and SRB-7.

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New Product: 'Kick Box' available in music stores now.

BME is an innovative company that specializes in designing and manufacturing unique products.

Box Guitars by Stu Box: Manufacturer of touch style guitars and basses since 1987. Competitor to the Megatar, Warr Guitar and Chapman Stick

The Box 12 String Guitar is recognised as the first true guitar specifically designed to play, sound and feel like an electric guitar with standard scale length while having the facility to expand in a touch style or tapping technique giving the player far more options for tapping and touch styles . The Box touch style guitar has 12 strings and offers the option of being able to run 2 sets of 6 strings through 2 different systems allowing for a far greater range of sounds , tunings and playing options.

Not only can the Box Guitar be utilized for standard, touch style and tapping styles of guitar playing but can also be used for different tunings, fuller voicings, extended harmonic range and slide playing.

Because the Box Guitar is effectively 2 guitars in one it has huge potential to create new sounds, music and playing styles but to date most guitar players use it to expand on tapping or touch styles of guitar.

There are now many touch style guitarists across the world that have a Box Guitar and you can view some of these great players on this website.

Box Guitars are the ultimate in Touchstyle, Tapping and Slide Guitars.

The KickBox is Stu's latest invention and merges a kick pedal with a Stomp Box creating a very user friendly means to enhancing the beat. Mainly used by solo artists looking to add a beat to their performance.

Add a sound module to the Kick Box and you now have the means to play 2-3 Kick Box's with a range of realistic drums sound which give the artist a great means to add a powerful and great sounding rhythmic foundation to their performance.

Kick Box is the ultimate Stomp Box