Box Musical Enterprises was founded by Stu Box in 1986 and is now the home to a diverse musical enterprise that houses many services within the music industry including its own record label, recording & production services, music instrument & related product manufacturing as well as streaming, marketing & consulting services.

The music industry is constantly evolving with new talent, new ideas, technology and new sounds. Innovation and creation are key to this ever-evolving industry. Creating BME to assist in this new age of music is simply part of the evolution of change.

Australian born, Stu Box is many things at once; guitarist, songwriter, arranger, producer, luthier and entrepreneur. His drive fuels his two key passions, namely music and inventing. Stu was just six when his parents gave him his first guitar. 

After winning a national guitar competition in 1987 Stu became the third Australian in history to be featured in Guitar Player magazine, 1988/89. He was then featured in Guitar World magazine and UK Guitarist magazine in 1990 followed by German and Japanese guitarist magazines.

Stu befriended Larry Corryelle in 1990 who mentored him in his early career, this was followed by appearances on MTV & CNN in the USA. He has since worked with many respected artists creating more than a dozen solo albums in addition to playing as a session guitarist on multiple albums.... He has toured many times across Australia and the USA and in 2010 was invited into the Tommy Bolin family where he toured and played with some of the great musicians associated with Tommy.

In 1992 at the height of his early playing career Stu chose to step away from the live music scene to care for his young son whom had developed a cronic illness. This however didn't deter him from composing a huge catalogue of original music during his down time through this trying period.

Stu’s true passion for new and authentic sounds assisted him to create, design and manufacture unique guitars with a sound never before heard. He is recognized as the founder of the 12 string dual electric touch style guitar which he first started developing in 1986, collaborating with Ned Steinberger and Trevour Wilkinson to bring his vision to fruition. 

As an entrepreneur, Stu has created and own’s a successful music development and manufacturing business which boasts over thirty unique musical products that are successfully distributed and sold across Australasia, the USA and Europe. In 2022 he finally achieved his life long goal of opening his own fully fledged recording studio which he uses to record his own music but is also now open to the public.

In Stu’s own words: I feel incredibly blessed and fortunate to be part of the music industry and I embrace and look forward to the future, designing innovative guitars and creating unique music to complement this ever changing and expanding creative industry sector.