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Instrument, Wood, Car & Furniture Care

Please Note for customers within Australia that the guitar care products: Kwikfret, Kwikshine, Kwik Cloth, Beezwax and Lemoil are not available direct from this site.
These products are distributed across Australia by Australasian Music Supplies and should be available in most good music stores.

All other countries other than Australia can buy direct from this site.

For order and distribution enquiries please email: box@bme.com.au

LEMOIL: 100ml.....US$9.95

A blend of pure Lemon and Organic Oils.
Designed to clean and protect fretboards and all instrument finishes.
For best results spray directly or apply to a clean cloth then rub into the fretboard or desired areas

Lemon Oil is widely recognized as a premium wood and finish treatment oil.
It is fantastic as a wood treatment and sealer, it also cleans and beautifies painted or lacquered surfaces so it has a wide range of applications, such as cleaning and beautifying furniture including dining tables, bench tops, pianos etc,.
Cleans and restores an instant shine to car painted surfaces.
It has a beautiful lemon scent so can be used as a deodorizer or fragrence as well.
This product acts as both a solvent and beautifying treatment without any risk of damage and is not deemed a flammable liquid so is safe to ship.
It comes in a 100ml clear PET bottle with a pump spray nozzle for easy application to surfaces.

Min quantity 2 for Free Shipping

Lemoil Quantities (Free Shipping)

KWIK FRET: 50ml.....US$9.95

Play faster and cleaner with Kwik Fret, a blend of premium materials
(you can smell the eucalyptus)
Designed to aid fretboard speed and increase string life.
For best results spray directly or apply to a clean cloth then lightly buff with cloth

Min quantitiy 2 for Free Shipping

KwikFret Quantities

KWIK SHINE: 50ml.....US$9.95

A Premium polish designed to shine all instrument finishes including laquer and metal.
Simply spray on and buff for an instant shine.
for best results first clean with Lemoil then polish with KwikShine

Kwik Shine is a premium polish designed to shine all painted and lacquered finishes including metal. Simply spray on and buff for an instant shine. Can be used for furniture, instruments, car interiors, exteriors, tyres and anything that needs shining or beautifying. It has a avender scent to it and comes in an attractive 50ml translucent red bottle with a spray pump nozzle for easy application to surfaces

Min quantity 2 for Free Shipping

KwikShine Quantities

BEEZWAX: 75gm.....US$9.95

Beezwax is a blend of pure bees wax and organic oils designed to treat, seal and protect all wood surfaces.
For best results apply to a clean cloth, rub into fretboard or wood surface and buff.

This product is brilliant for wood treatment and acts as a sealer and beautifier for unsealed timbers and woods. Many applications builds up a hard finish. Can be used for furniture and other wood items and also makes a great hair wax
Comes in a 75gm clear jar with black lid

Min quantity 2 for Free Shipping

Beezwax Quantities

Complete 4 Pack of the above products........US$34.95

Get 4 of the above products for the best value. Comes with a free cloth and shipping

Free Cloth & Shipping

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KWIK CLOTH:.....US$4.95

100% cotton flannel suitable for cleaning and polishing all instrument, car and furniture finishes
For best results use with KwikFret, KwikShine, Lemoil or Beezwax.
KwikCloth with added KwikShine and KwikCloth with added Lemoil are also available.

Free Shipping

Kwik Cloth (Free Shipping)